How to find us


Poimu is a little difficult to find, so please follow these instructions. There are two entrances through which you can access Poimu (more below).


The first lift is 155cm long and 107cm wide with an easy access, automatic opening door.
The second lift is small, 69 cm wide with no automatic door.
There is a larger, goods lift available to replace the second one. This has a 100 cm wide, heavy door with no automatic opening. This lift doesn’t always work so please contact us for assistance if you need it.
Between the lifts there is a door way that is 95 cm wide, with a raised frame of 2 cm at the floor level.
The studio has two doors at its entrance, both heavy with a raised frame of 2 cm at the floor level, no automatic opening.
First studio door is 86 cm wide. it opens with a double door if needed to 177 cm.
Second studio door is 83 cm wide. it opens with a double door if needed to 114 cm.
There is a moveable ramp for the doors.
There are two non-accessible bathrooms available in the studio.


We are at Kuortaneenkatu 13, Helsinki (opens Google Maps in a new window). You can find your way in by looking for a building that says “kiinniketalo” on the wall. Then find the back of the courtyard, a loading bay and a door next to it. You’re here! Then make your way to the 5th floor and press the doorbell that says “POIMU”. The front door is open daytime in weekdays but it’s a bit heavy and there is a threshold with no ramp. Entering through the front door, there is a small lift.

Front door from Kuortaneenkatu

Door of the small lift

One can also enter through the loading area, where there is a large lift. There is a lift outside, leading onto the loading bay.  The door of the loading lift is also heavy to open, but there is no threshold on the entrance. To enter Poimu from the stairwell there are two doors with thresholds, for which we have 1 movable ramp.

Outside lift


The pick-up and drop-off area is located in the vicinity of the entrance, giving easy access to the pavement.
Outside the door there is sufficient room for moving e.g. with a wheelchair. The door opens automatically with a push button.

There is wheelchair access to the building through our neighbouring building at Kumpulantie 1 (opens Google Maps in a new window): enter from Kumpulantie 1 where the door has a ramp and it opens with a push button. Take the lift (size 155cm x 107cm) to the 8th floor. Go to your right. Before the corridor there is a 2cm threshold. Follow corridor until you see lifts on your left, take the loading lift down to 5th floor and find Poimu door bell.

On the left Kumpulantie front door with the push button highlighted with purple lines, on the right a text that says: Tervetuloa/Welcome to Poimu! Street address: Kumpulantie 1, Pasila. Tram 9, Bus 58, 59, 551. Press open this grey button to open the door. Take the elevator to the 8th floor. Go through the corridor and either walk or elevator down to the 5th floor. Woohoo you have found us! Ring the Poimu doorbell. Smiley face.On the left the lift door, on the right lift buttons with floor 8 selectedOn the left the corridor with a door open, on the right the lift doorOn the left door to Poimu, on the right Poimu inside door

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