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Poimu Summer Mixtape 2020

Poimu Summer Mixtape 2020

June 12 – July 31 2020

Poimu Summer Mixtape 2020 is an online playlist, which shuffles together works and processes from artists, curators, cultural workers and researchers working in the feminist and antiracist workspace Poimu. Available online between 12th of June to 31st of July, the Poimu Summer Mixtape 2020 consists of live streams, poetry readings, text-based works, videos, webpages, sounds, drawings, comics, discussions and other processes on various online platforms.

Participants: Martta Tuomaala, Vidha Saumya, Feminist Culture House, Miina Pohjolainen and Salla Valle, Anna-Kaisa Koski, Minjee Hwang Kim, Milka Luhtaniemi, Zahrah Ehsan, Taneli Viljanen, Vappu Jalonen, Elina Tervonen, Minna Henriksson, Olga Palo, Ana Teo Ala-Ruona, Even Minn and Camille Auer, Saara Hannus, FEMSKT Feministinen sarjakuvatoiminta (Mari Ahokoivu, Pii Anttonen, Jesse Matilainen, Emmi Valve), Riina Palmqvist, roju, Danai Anagnostou, Lotta Leskelä

Please note, that the live online events might be online only when they are streamed. For notifications on live events click attend on Poimu Summer Mixtape event in Facebook. Additions and changes to the playlist are possible.

Note: All links will open in a new window. After July 2020 some links may not work.


Martta Tuomaala: Excerpts of FinnCycling-Soumi-Perkele! Vol. 2

Participatory video installation / Length: 1 hour

This work was originally created as a statement against Finland’s previous government led by prime minister Juha Sipilä (term 2015–2019). The piece explores burning global topics, such as unemployment, precarious conditions of the workers, gendered violence and increasing inequality, in a local context.

The video installation resembles a basic workout program, in that it includes rhythmic songs and instructions for indoor cycling. The viewers can cycle through the programme with the artist projected on the screen. The artist herself serves as the fitness instructor: spouting her own monologues, interfering with the lyrics by shouting, and also encouraging the audience to take part and sing along.

Martta Tuomaala (b. 1983) is a multidisciplinary artist based in Helsinki. She graduated as Master of Fine Art from Aalto University in 2014. Tuomaala focuses on various forms of film, video and installation. Her artistic practice involves elements of socially engaged art and militant research. Common themes in her artworks are workers’ everyday life, struggles of individuals and communities, and abuse of power. Tuomaala has worked in different low-income fields for several years, and her own experiences have inspired her to create projects emphasizing workers’ rights. Tuomaala is currently a board member in AV-Arkki (the Distribution Centre for Finnish Media Art) and a vice chair in the Leftist Artists’ Association Kiila. Tuomaala is also a co-founder of Kenno Filmi. Her artworks have been exhibited in various festivals and exhibitions internationally.

Vidha Saumya: Monumentless Moments – the Utopia of Figureless Plinths

I invite you to listen to some poems written in solidarity with the seagull, a fellow outsider, these poems are an invitation to use ‘poetry theory’ to disrupt the normativity of the establishment.

Vidha Saumya is a Helsinki based Artist-Poet whose body of works – Monumental Drawings, Intimate Mark-makings, Murals, Books, Poems, Sculptures, Embroidered Textiles, Food Art, Videos, and Digital Artifacts – are wry and warm in their politics and kaleidoscopic in their aesthetics. The concept of Heimat / (Home)land is at the core of her praxis. She has studied art and art theory in Mumbai, Bengaluru, Lahore and Helsinki and has exhibited across India and North Europe.

Feminist Culture House
LIVE Feminist Culture House website launch | 12.06.2020 15:00

Feminist Culture House invite you to celebrate our website launch as part of the Poimu Summer Mixtape event at 15:00 on 12.06.2020. While the Poimu Open Studio event in March had to be postponed, you can now access our online space: 

The website has been constructed by designers Leah Beeferman and Lisa Rein, and our visual identity is drawn by artist Leonie Brialey. We are still working on the site, so please sign up for our newsletter and check back later to stay informed of what’s happening this autumn!

In order to get into the celebration mood, we have asked colleagues with whom we’ve worked during the last six months to send us their song recommendations, feminist anthems, and power tunes. Here is the link to the playlist if you wish to join the celebration while entering our virtual space! Welcome!

With love and warmth,

Katie, Neicia, Orlan, and Selina


  • Princess Nokia, Brujas, Tomboy;  M.I.A, Bad Girls; Rihanna, Diamonds; Schwesta Ewa, Escorflow; Sho Madjozi & PS DJZ, Dumi Hi Phone, Huku, Kona, Smerz, Have fun; Solange, Don’t touch my hair; Jenny Hval, That battle is over recommended by artist to kosie
  • Beyonce, Flawless, Run the world: Faith Harmony, Boss; Aretha Franklin, Respect recommended by Ebun Kivinen (Globe Art Point)
  • Makiza, La Rosa de los Vientos – recommended by artist Martina Mino Perez
  • Ripple Effect Band, Ngúddja – recommended by artist Leonie Brialey
  • Bronski Beat and Earth Kitt, Cha Cha Heels – recommended by artist Lisa Rein
  • Devonté Hynes, Kids, This Is A Safe Place – recommended by artist Emilia Kokko
  • Cistem Failure, A Bigger Cage Is Still a Prison – recommended by artist Pihla Lehtinen
  • Sikandar Ka Mandar, Cassette Kahani– recommended by artist Zahrah Ehsan
  • Zebra Katz, Njena Reddd Foxxx – Ima Read – recommended by artist Jessie Bullivant
  • Jarabi, Sona Jobarteh – recommended by artist & teacher Aune Kallinen
  • Tommy Genesis, Lucky, Play with it; Janet Jackson, Velvet rope; Ibeyi, I Carried This for Years recommended by Olga Palo (Helsinki Feminist Secret Society, Urban Apa: Feminist Leadership)
  • Beyonce, Freedom (feat. Kendrick Lamar) – recommended by Marianne Savallampi (Museum of Impossible Forms)
  • Santa Lucia, Perse Palaa – recommended by Outi Salonlahti (Culture For All)
  • Lisa LeBlanc, You Look Like Trouble (But I Guess I Do Too) – recommended by Mirva Pulkkinen (Taloushallinta Uniikki)
  • John Legend, Wake Up Everybody ft. Melanie Fiona, Common,The Roots – recommended by Malin Gustavsson (Ekvalita)
  • Warpaint – Disco/Very, Keep it healthy; Antipatriarca, Ana Tijoux; Renata Przemyk, Wlasny Pokoj; Bomba Estereo, Soy jo; Mona Haydar, Hijabi (Wrap my Hijab) – recommended by artist Shubhangi Singh
  • Sleater Kinney, Jumpers; Tacocat, Men Explain Things to Me – recommended by website advice-giver and FCH friend, Al McEwen
  • Disco Deewane (Part 1) by Nazia Hassan; Jimmy Jimmy Jimmy Aaja by Parvati Khan (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) by Bappi Lahiri – recommended by artist Vidha Saumya
  • Tirzah, I’m not Dancing – FCH dedication, see below

Feminist Culture House dedicates I’m not Dancing by Tirzah to the rest of the artists, arts workers, friends, and collectives who have collaborated with us in spring 2020:  Ana Teo Ala-Ruona, Pii Anttonen, Aman Askarizad, Leah Beeferman, Dasha Che, Ramina Habibollah, Saara Hannus, Flis Holland, Vappu Jalonen, Lisa Kalkowski, Maija Karhunen, Anna-Kaisa Koski, Sonya Lindfors, Johanna Mattila, Kemê Pellicer, Sari Salovaara, Aliisa Talja, Third Space, Niko Wearden, and Bogna Luiza Wiśniewska.

Feminist Culture House (FCH) is an intersectional feminist organisation based in Helsinki, Finland, working with and for underrepresented artists and arts workers. Its co-founders are Katie Lenanton, Neicia Marsh, Orlan Ohtonen, and Selina Väliheikki.

Miina Pohjolainen and Salla Valle: Ostaritutkimuksia -blogi

Ostaritutkimuksia (free translation: Mall Investigations) is a blog investigating the old shopping malls of Helsinki. The blog–compiled by artist Salla Valle and artist-curator Miina Pohjolainen–functions as an archive of the shared research and as a platform for making notes. Through personal observations, artistic-curatorial framework and with the readings of urban research, we interpret the lifespan of the local shopping mall phenomenon in relation to broader ongoing global and societal changes. The blog is a work in process and is updated in Finnish.

Miina Pohjolainen is a Helsinki-based artist and curator, who is interested in urban research, the power structures of public space and in utopias.

Salla Valle is a Helsinki-based artist working with visual arts and performance. In her practice, Valle is interested in materiality as well as in socio-economic questions, which she approaches through embodied experiences. Moreover, Valle teaches art and organises performance art events.

Anna-Kaisa Koski: Telluurio

Telluurio syntyi, kun robotit saivat minut ajattelemaan kumpi on enemmän luontoa — nurmikko vai avaruus? Teksti on julkaistu Zeldan Luonto-numerossa keväällä 2020.

Anna-Kaisa Koski is a Creative Climate Leader, curator and museum professional.

Milka Luhtaniemi: walk-through of my performances
LIVE on Poimu Summer Mixtape Facebook | 23.06.2020 20:00

An online live presentation and walk-through of my most recent performances. I watch the documentation footage on live stream and comment on what I see.
Duration 30 min.

Milka Luhtaniemi is a performance maker, poet and dramaturg based in Helsinki. She often works in inter-disciplinary contexts and is interested in different ways of knowing produced by the conditions of loosely structured performances. Her work is informed by poetry and poetic logic.

Minjee Hwang Kim: Bad Karma
Published on 07.07.2020

I wish I had a language of my own. Not Korean, not English, but a language to spill out all my deepest, darkest secrets without the danger of being discovered. Maybe this is why I turn to images. I want to be seen, but I don’t want to be read. The work ‘Bad Karma’, which would be presented via the Poimu Mixtape, shares the name with a zine I did with Fetiche Editions. The zine is a collection of symbolic cutouts and short poems. In the Poimu Mixtape version of ‘Bad Karma,’ I aim to dig deeper into each symbol and poem, unfolding my childhood and Korean mythologies.

Minjee Hwang Kim (b.1991, Seoul, South Korea) is a visual artist based in Helsinki, Finland, her art focusing on the idea of fate and time. Kim’s often symbolic images explore the iconography she grew up with, between Buddhist household and Protestant education, looking into how these images and interpretations have shaped the perceptions of the world around her. Kim holds an MFA from the Academy of Fine Arts of Uniarts Helsinki, and BFA from the Korea National University of Arts. Besides her individual practice, she runs an artist project under the name Kim’s Sandwich.

Zahrah Ehsan: Painting a Picture
LIVE on Poimu Summer Mixtape Facebook | 08.07.2020 15.00

My practice is deeply experimental having scavenged for possible materials from industry, popular culture, and utility incorporating it into my paintings, on-site installations, video art that is mostly a critique on the gendered body, identity, mental health and artistic labour.

My inherited humour within disquieted yet illusive paintings, like a palliative remedy, are an immediate response to unresolved/unresolvable internal struggles. A struggle, that also serves as an inexhaustible source of inspiration for always questioning, rather than just carelessly consuming, what is currently on offer.

Through my recent combined writing and visual inquiry, I am seeking ways to articulate concerns around adaptation and identity of an immigrant artist living in Finland. Self isolation in a foreign land with unsettling mental and financial pressures only adds to the existing challenges of moving to a new place. I am reflecting upon these beginnings and archiving these experiments online.

Zahrah Ehsan is a visual artist from Lahore, Pakistan and is currently doing her MA in Visual Cultures, Curating and Contemporary Arts from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture. She received her BFA with Honours in 2012, with a concentration in Painting from the National College of Arts, Lahore. Her training at NCA has allowed her to expand the boundaries of her practice through experimentation in Painting, installation photography and performance. She has furthered her practice by exhibiting in galleries across Pakistan and internationally, as well as participating in an international residency at the Vermont Studio Center, USA.  Zahrah returned to her alma mater after graduation, where she designed and taught a number of studio and theory based courses including Painting and Drawing, Fine Art Seminar.

Taneli Viljanen: valo ihon alla: vokaali-invokaatio, I-X

“Valo ihon alla: vokaali-invokaatio” on menetelmällinen, vokaalirajoitteisiin pohjaava runosarja. Se on kiinnostunut kielen äänteellisyydestä ja ruumiillisuudesta; kielen ei-rationaalisista, ei-kommunikoivista ja loitsumaisista ulottuvuuksista; sekä siitä, kuinka näitä kielen puolia voi lähestyä tietoisen, metodisen ja täsmällisiin sääntöihin pohjaavan kirjoitusprosessin kautta.

Tässä yhteydessä on kuultavana sarjan ensimmäinen puolisko, ensimmäiset kymmenen runoa;  lopullisessa sarjassa (joka on tässä vaiheessa yhä kesken) tulee olemaan kaksikymmentä runoa.

Taneli Viljanen on muunsukupuolinen kirjailija ja äänitaiteilija. Hänen esseeteoksensa Varjoja, usvaa ilmestyy elokuussa 2020. 

Vappu Jalonen: R

I will publish a mix of short text works and sounds on Instagram. Some of the texts are previously published and some are new. The languages are English and Finnish.

Vappu Jalonen is an artist and a writer based in Helsinki. The work of Jalonen happens at the intersections of visual art, performance, sound art, literature and research. Her work often deals with power relations and knowledge production by focusing on bodies and everyday objects, situations and words.

FEMSKT Feministinen sarjakuvatoiminta / Pii Anttonen & special guests
LIVE on Youtube | NOTE: postponed for later

Visailuohjelma, jossa sarjakuvantekijät kisailevat yleisöä vastaan feministiseen sarjakuvaan liittyvissä kysymyksissä.

Pii Anttonen on sarjakuvantekemisen lisäksi radion ja podcastien kautta suhteellisen profiilikas ohjelmatuottaja. Tämä ohjelma yhdistää nämä kaksi puolta näistä osaamisaloista.

FEMSKT Feministinen sarjakuvatoiminta / Mari Ahokoivu, Pii Anttonen, Jesse Matilainen, Emmi Valve: 9. taide -sarjakuvapodcast
Published online 01.07.2020

9. taide is a podcast about making comics and part of FEMSKT. We talk about everything relating to comics, from childhood favorites to problems of representation in comics.

Are we artists? Comic makers talk about their relationship to art, making comics and what art means in comics. An excerpt from our podcast on making comics. The talk is in Finnish.

The Podcast is made by Mari Ahokoivu, Pii Anttonen, Jesse Matilainen and Emmi Valve who are all experienced comic artists.

Minna Henriksson: Kiila Feminist Archive
LIVE on Poimu Summer Mixtape Facebook | 27.06.2020 15:00

Kiila Feminist Archive is an artistic project with the aim to compile the lost archive of Kiila especially through the works of female writers active in the early years of Kiila, who have been marginalised and forgotten. Artists’ group Kiila was founded in 1936, first as a leftist writers’ group. Documents of Kiila from its founding until the end of Second World War have gone missing. The early history of Kiila has been written after the war from a distinctly male perspective, although five out of nine founding members of Kiila were women. Kiila Feminist Archive focuses especially on works by Tyyne Maija Salminen, Elvi Sinervo, Iris Uurto and Katri Vala. Their works have been read especially looking for moments, where the overlapping of leftism and feminism can be detected. ‘Kiila Feminist Archive’ is in process. My aim is to place it eventually in The People’s Archives as part of Kiila archives.

Minna Henriksson (b. 1976, Oulu, lives in Helsinki) is a visual artist who works with a disparate range of tools including text, drawing, linocut and photography. She studied art in Brighton, Helsinki and Malmö. Her work is often collaborative, and relates to the anti-racist, leftist and feminist struggles. In recent years her work has often dealt with archives and histories. Her work is research based and engages with covert political processes that appear to be neutral or natural. In 2017 Henriksson was awarded with the Anni and Heinrich Sussmann Award for artistic work committed to the ideals of democracy and antifascism.

Olga Palo: Jos maailma olisi valmis (kolumni/a column)

Olga Palo worked as a columnist for the literary magazine Nuori Voima. This is one of the texts published there, and it deals with subjects still close to her heart: utopias, dreaming, art and feminism.

Olga Palo is a writer and a performance maker who at the moment works mainly with text in various different mediums: screen, stage, and publications.

Ana Teo Ala-Ruona, Even Minn and Camille Auer:  Deep Time Transcestors – lyrics

We are presenting a teaser from our on-going process with Deep Time Transcestors.

Deep Time Transcestors is a speculative fiction on evolution, where we approach being transgender as a prehistorical, embodied and pleasurable reality. The project spans two years consisting of a larp for trans, non binary and gender nonconforming players (Mad House 2020) and a performance (Helsinki 2021). This work is funded by Koneen Säätiö.

Ana Teo Ala-Ruona (they/them) and Even Minn (they/them) are a nonbinary duo working with writing and performance. Ana Teo is a performance artist and educator, Even is a writer and dramaturg. Together they make speculative fiction based on trans and ecofeminist thought. For Deep Time Transcestors they invited queer trans artist and poet Camille Auer (she/her) to read, write and think with them and hold space for trans feminine worlds unfolding today, tomorrow and across time. Other members of the working group include Satu Kankkonen, Alvi Haapamäki, Eeti Piiroinen, Pihla Lehtinen, Emil Santtu Uuttu and Riikka Thitz

Saara Hannus: AFFECTIONATE AF (one cannot access the ad directly, but it can be found under the title AFFECTIONATE AF on the app)

I’m working on a project called “Fantasy 1&2”, that explores monogamy and nonmonogamy. The core questions of Fantasy 1 & 2 evolve around where lie the limits of monogamy, which structures in society and culture are maintained to support it, and can different genders and sexualities, desires and lust exist in monogamy or is it always a white, colonial cis-heterosexual structure? And if not, what are the ways of organizing love and sex and affection and commitment, that feel better and more sustainable?

Saara Hannus is a Helsinki-based artist and curator working in the intersections of sexual/romantic relationships and art making. Their practice is autobiographical, and they’re always searching for love. They work with different forms of writing: mundane, unpretentious, blunt – always looking for sincerity. Hannus’ curatorial projects include ”I want you” (2015) and an on-going project ”Fantasy 1 & 2”.

Riina Palmqvist: sands of time

money hungry society
capitalism, consumerism
household waste, toxicants, chemicals
pollution, contamination
global warming
holocene extinction
dying planet
future fossils

Riina Palmqvist (she/her) is a visual artist and intersectional environmentalist based in Helsinki, Finland.

roju: Improvisation Comics Session
LIVE on Instagram @femicomix_finland | 18.06.2020 15:00

Improsarjakuvia Instassa rojun vetämänä! Tiesitkö, että sinäkin voit tehdä valmiita sarjakuvia vain minuuteissa? / Comics improvisation at Instagram! Did you know you can make ready comics in minutes? roju shows you how!

roju is a feminist comics artist and activist and a founding member of Femicomix Finland collective.

Danai Anagnostou: Hotel Theory Interval

I am presenting an excerpt of my research on hotels as spatio-narrative plot points for films, analysed from a scenographer’s perspective between 2016 – 2018.

Danai Anagnostou is a producer for film & media art based in Helsinki with a background in scenography & design for film. Danai writes and publishes critical essays responding to the hegemonic structures that inform the film industry from an intersectional feminist point of view. She is the co-founder of Kenno Filmi, the curator for Museum of Impossible Forms’ film programme, & a co-organiser and member of the Trojan Horse Collective.

Lotta Leskelä: Music to listen to while cloud watching

Music to listen to while cloud watching was crafted as an anxiety relieving act that grew from a cure to a soundtrack for slow observation.

Lotta Leskelä (they/them) is a Helsinki-based artist exploring and experimenting with sound, video, text and nature.

Poimu Summer Mixtape 2020 is realised with the support of Helsinki City quick grant.

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