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Poimu common room, chairs around a big table, four doors open to the studio spaces


Poimu space is a feminist, antiracist studio space on the borderline of Pasila and Vallila in Helsinki. It currently hosts and provides working space for 35 feminist art workers, including individual studios; a performance space; a kitchen and social space; Feminist Culture House library & archive of feminist curating, and Femicomix Finland’s library of feminist comics.

Poimu prioritises applications from gender minorities, BIPOC people, and migrant people.

The space was initiated by feminist curatorial duo nynnyt and Femicomix Finland in the beginning of 2018, as they wanted a working space that follows feminist and antiracist politics and safer space guidelines. Turned out that many people working in the arts in Helsinki wanted the same thing, and so Poimu was born.

Members of Poimu host public, private and semi-public events in the common area of the studios. We will use this space to advertise possible workshops, parties and other events that are open to join.

If you’re interested in renting a studio space at Poimu, you can join in the waiting list for spaces by completing this form (opens Google Forms in a new window).

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